Ivory Coast Visa For UAE Residents: Check Requirements

Banco National Park in Ivory Coast

Banco National Park, also known as Parc National du Banco in French, is a national park in the southern Ivory Coast. It is located just north of Abidjan, the country's capital. Banco National Park, established in 1953, protects vegetation and animals across an area of 30,000 hectares.

The majority of the park is occupied by tropical oak trees; a botanic garden showcases trees, mainly mahogany, and bushes from all around the country. The park is home to African bushbucks, duikers, civets, genets, and monkeys. The park mainly serves as a public park for the people of Abidjan.

Citizens of the United Arab Emirates may now conveniently obtain a visa to Ivory Coast online with very little effort. Ivory Coast Immigration Services will provide you with the relevant information, costs, and requirements of Ivory Coast e-Visa for UAE residents.

Ivory Coast visa online for Emiratis

Ivory Coast visa online for Emiratis

Do Emirati Citizens Need A Visa To Ivory Coast?

The Ivory Coast government does not have a visa exemption policy for citizens from the United Arab Emirates, therefore, the Emiratis are required to apply for a visa before entering Ivory Coast. We will explain further about visa types, visa requirements, and how to apply for an e-visa in the following sections.

Ivory Coast Visa Types For UAE Residents

The Ivory Coast government currently offers e-visas for tourism and vacation purposes or work and commercial purposes for visitors from the United Arab Emirates.

It is valid for 90 days and permits citizens of the United Arab Emirates to stay in the country for 30 days on each trip, with multiple entries to Ivory Coast during that period.

Ivory Coast Visa Requirements For Emiratis

Once you've settled on a visa for your travel, you'll need to gather the relevant documentation. This is an important step, and we encourage you to take the necessary time to complete it before applying for the visa. Furthermore, if you have any difficulties or inquiries concerning visas, please contact us.

  • A valid United Arab Emirates passport - Applicants must ensure that the date of expiration is 06 months away from the date of arrival in Ivory Coast. At least an unused page for a visa stamp is necessary.
  • A valid email address - Your copy of an e-visa will be sent to your email address. We strongly encourage applicants to use their existing email addresses when applying for a visa.
  • A copy of biographical information - This information is typically the first page of your passport.
  • Confirm your travel information - your date of arrival and departure.
  • Verify your address in the country - such as information on hotel booking, or other locations.
  • A return flight ticket.

 Ivory Coast visa requirements for Emiratis

Ivory Coast visa requirements for Emiratis

Applying For A Visa To Ivory Coast For Emiratis

The complete visa application procedure is conducted on a virtual network, which means that applicants can apply for a visa online just about anywhere they stay or even from the comfort of their own homes. All it takes is an electronic device such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop connected to the internet.

Follow the 4 essential steps to apply for a visa to Ivory Coast:

  • Step 1: Access the online visa application form through our website system.
  • Step 2: Fill in the details.
    • Full name.
    • Gender.
    • Date of birth.
    • Nationality.
    • Date of Issue on your passport
    • Date of expiration on your passport.
  • Step 3: Verify your information, and ensure they are correct.
  • Step 4: Select your method of payment and submit the visa application.

Once you have submitted your application, allow the process up to 03 business days. In addition, applicants can select one of the following processing time services to acquire their visa faster.

Rush Visa Services

The average visa processing time at Ivory Coast Immigration Services is three (03) working days. For those who require their visas urgently, we also provide Rush Visa options as below:

  • Normal processing - The process will take up to 03 working days to approve your visa.
  • Rush processing - Applicants will acquire their visa approval within 48 hours (02 days). You will need to pay an additional fee.
  • Super-Rush processing - Applicants will get their visa approved within 24 hours (02 days). A service charge is required.

 Ivory Coast visa for Emirates

Ivory Coast visa for Emirates

Ivory Coast Visa Fee For UAE Applicants

When applying for an e-visa on the Ivory Coast Immigration Services website, applicants are obliged to submit the government fee and service fee.

Travel insurance is optional but we highly encourage applicants to purchase for their benefits and avoid financial risks from any unfortunate event during their trip.

For payment methods, our services currently accept the following payment:

  • Credit or debit card.
  • American Express.
  • Paypal.
  • Bank of Cyprus (direct deposit)