Ivory Coast Visa For Antigua And Barbuda: 2024 Updates

The Ivory Coast is an excellent choice for travelers looking for a relaxing vacation. Tourists may take in the cool breeze and wander around the coastline. Visitors may also buy gifts from major commercial hubs in Ivory Coast. Beautiful national parks, tranquil beaches, and lush rainforests dot the landscape of this country.

It is essential for Antiguans and Barbudans who want to visit Ivory Coast to explore the country. The visa is necessary for visitors, as well as the process to get an Ivory Coast visa for Antiguans and Barbudans. Let's take an in-depth look at how can apply for a visa to Ivory Coast, as well as some useful hints for making the Ivory Coast e-visa application procedure as simple as possible.

Antiguans And Barbudans need an Ivory Coast visa

Antiguans And Barbudans need an Ivory Coast visa

Type of eVisa For Ivory Coast

Because Antigua and Barbuda is not on the list of exempt countries for Ivory Coast visas, visitors must get an Ivory Coast visa.

Ivory Coast Immigration Services officially offers two (2) categories of Ivory Coast e-visas for Antiguan and Barbudan citizens. The type of visa required will vary based on the reason for the trip:

  • Tourist eVisa: allows multiple entries for tourism purposes and a maximum of 90 days to stay in Ivory Coast.
  • Business eVisa: grants multiple entries for business purposes and a duration of stay of 90 days in Ivory Coast.

Both of these visas are effective for 90 days from the moment of issuance and allow numerous entrances with a maximum stay of 30 days.

What Do I Need To Apply For Ivory Coast eVisa?

Applicants can apply for an Ivory Coast e-visa online through travel agencies or at the Ivory Coast Embassy. However, the Ivory Coast Government now makes it simple for visitors to apply for an electronic visa, commonly known as an e-visa. It is the most popular and quickest route for travelers to get legal admission into this West African country.

  • A valid passport: The passport needs to be valid for at least 06 months from the entry date in Ivory Coast. At least a blank page for visa stamping as well.
  • A white-background photograph of the applicant.
  • Payment can be made by debit or credit card.
  • An email address is required.
  • A round-trip ticket to ensure you have a plan to return to your nation.

Applicants must present the supplementary documents indicated below depending on the type of visa they are requesting:

  • A hotel booking confirmation is required for the Ivory Coast Tourist eVisa
  • The letter of invitation or the hotel booking confirmation is required documentation for Ivory Coast Business eVisa applications.

Ivory Coast eVisa requirements for Antiguans and Barbudans

Ivory Coast eVisa requirements for Antiguans and Barbudans

Ivory Coast eVisa For Citizens of Antigua And Barbuda - How To Get It?

Obtaining an e-Visa to the Ivory Coast is a simple procedure since the application may be completed in a matter of minutes. Follow the steps outlined below:

  • Step 1: Fill out the application form with your essential information, such as your complete name, birth date, citizenship, and passport number. Choose a solution that is appropriate for you.
  • Step 2: Pay for your services. Following payment, Ivory Coast Immigration Services may request more papers to finish the procedure.
  • Step 3: Your application will be evaluated after it has been submitted. Following that, you will get your valid e-Visa via the email address you supplied.
  • Step 4: Print your e-Visa and keep it with you at all times throughout your stay in Ivory Coast. You will be given a stamp as proof that your e-Visa is genuine.

Please double-check all the information you provide to reduce needless delays in processing and approvals.

Ivory Coast evisa for Antiguans and Barbudans

Ivory Coast evisa for Antiguans and Barbudans

The eVisa Application Procedure And Its Costs

Citizens of Antigua and Barbuda must pay two types of Ivory Coast e-Visa costs when applying for an Ivory Coast visa online: the government fees and visa service fees.

Payment of visa costs is required before processing. The government fee is paid to the government for your application to be processed. The service charge is determined by the type of service selected by the applicant. The processing time is normally 72 hours. However, if your situation is critical, our experts can assist you.

  • Normal: for applicants who need an e-visa to Ivory Coast within three business days.
  • Urgent: for applicants who need an e-visa to Ivory Coast within 2 working days (48 hours).
  • Super Urgent: the quickest Ivory Coast e-visa solution for travelers, with the eVisa granted within 24 working hours.

You have the option of paying through bank transfer or online payments. The Bank of Cyprus accepts both US dollars and Euros for cash deposits. For more convenience, applicants can use a credit/debit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, PayPal).

The Ivory Coast Government recommends Travel Insurance with COVID-19 coverage before traveling. International travelers can acquire Travel Insurance with COVID-19 coverage on the Ivory Coast Immigration Services website without providing any additional information. More Ivory Coast Insurance Information may be found here.