Ivory Coast eVisa Requirements For Arubans: 2024 Updates


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Apply for an e-visa now to this wonderful destination at Ivory Coast Immigration Services, we provide the necessary information as well as what you need about Ivory Coast visa for Aruban citizens. You can reach us directly if you have any more concerns or need assistance.

Aruban citizens need an Ivory Coast visa

Aruban citizens need an Ivory Coast visa

Ivory Coast Visa Types For Arubans

Aruba is not included in the Ivory Coast's visa exception program, therefore Aruban residents have to obtain a visa before visiting the country.

The visa type is critical, and Aruban citizens have to explicitly describe the intention of their journey to the Ivory Coast. For example, tourist visas cannot be misused for business visits; you will be breaching the law and you could be penalized if you do. Aruban travelers who wish to visit the Ivory Coast can apply for one of two main types of visas:

  • Tourist e-visa: This visa is valid for 90 days from the issued date. Its bearers are allowed to enter Ivory Coast several times and remain for 30 days each time. Furthermore, Aruban visitors are permitted numerous entry into Ivory Coast.
  • Business e-visa: This visa serves as a work visa for Aruban nationals who need to go to Ivory Coast for business. This visa also allows multiple entries and a stay of 30 days per trip.

Ivory Coast Visa Requirements For Arubans

After you've selected a visa for your trip, the following step is to gather the relevant Ivory Coast Visa Requirements For Arubans. This is an important step, and we encourage you to take a moment to complete it before requesting the visa. Furthermore, if you have any difficulties or inquiries concerning visas, please contact us for further information.

  • An Aruba passport is required. However, applicants must ensure that their passport is valid for at least six months from the expected arrival date in Ivory Coast. Passport with at least two blank pages for visa stamping.
  • A biographical page - Aruban travelers have to make a copy of their passport's information page, which is located on the front page.
  • A legitimate contact/email address – Applicants need to supply their current email address. Your visa will be emailed to you in PDF format.
  • Verify your trip details - Confirm that your travel schedule, including arrival and departure dates, is correct.
  • Accommodation booking - Aruban travelers may be required to give information about their stay in Ivory Coast (if applicable).
  • Your return flight ticket.

Another solution for those who are not eligible for Ivory Coast e-Visa requirements is the applicant can apply for a traditional visa at the Ivory Coast Embassy. Do not forget to check the location before visiting.

Ivory Coast visa requirements for Arubans

Ivory Coast visa requirements for Arubans

Applying For Ivory Coast Visa For Arubans in 15 Minutes

The complete visa application procedure occurs on a virtual network, meaning that Aruban applicants may apply for a visa online from anywhere on the globe or even from the convenience of their homes. You don't have to visit an embassy or consulate.

Follow the directions below to apply for a visa:

  • Begin the visa application process by accessing the online visa form for Arubans. The following step is simple; Aruban citizens just fill out the relevant information. This is simple info that should not cause you any problems. At this point, Aruban visitors have to choose the right visa for their journey.
  • Examine all of the information given in the previous step. After that, select a payment option and pay the e-visa charge. We may request more documentation to finish the visa application procedure.
  • Applicants should wait for the e-visa processing, which will be delivered to your email in no more than three business days.

Rush Visa Service

Our normal visa waiting period at Ivory Coast Immigration Services is three business days. We additionally offer a Rush Visa service for candidates who require their visas quickly.

  • Standard service - Your visa application may take up to three business days to be processed.
  • Urgent service - After completing your application, your visa will be completed within 48 hours (02 days).
  • Super-Urgent service - We will provide your visa within 24 hours or even the same day if you use our service. 

Ivory Coast visa for Arubans

Ivory Coast visa for Arubans

Ivory Coast Visa Fee For Arubans

IMPORTANT: Aruban citizens have to additionally pay two (2) fees: the government fee and the service fee.

For visa payments, our system currently accepts the following services:

  • American Express
  • Credit or debit cards.
  • Paypal.
  • For wire transfers, we accept the Bank of Cyprus.

We highly advise Aruban travelers to obtain travel insurance when traveling away from home because it is difficult to forecast any unpleasant events that may occur during the trip. Unexpected events can occasionally result in financial danger, which might impair your enjoyment. Furthermore, the government requires insurance (covering COVID-19 vaccine expenditures) to complete the visa.