Ivory Coast eVisa Requirements For Austrians: New Updates

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At Ivory Coast Immigration Services, we provide in-depth instructions on applying for an Ivory Coast visa for Austrians and other information and services that suit your needs. 

Austrians need an Ivory Coast visa

Austrians need an Ivory Coast visa

Do Austrian Citizens Need a Visa To Enter the Ivory Coast?

Ivory Coast's immigration policy does not provide visa-free for Austrian citizens from entering the country, so a visa application is required. Austrian citizens can apply for one of the two types of visas, note that the visa you apply for must be used for the correct purpose of your trip.

  • Tourist e-Visa (multiple-entry): The tourist visa permits Austrian visitors to enter Ivory Coast multiple times for 90 days (03 months). This visa is for tourist purposes only.
  • Business e-Visa (multiple-entry): The business e-visa is valid for 90 days from the arrival date for business purposes. Business visa holders can stay in Ivory Coast for up to 30 days from the arrival date with multiple entries.

Ivory Coast Visa Requirements For Austrians

Applying for a visa online is not difficult but to make the visa process more convenient and easy for you, you should carefully read the visa requirements below. This is a critical step, failing to complete one of the following requirements may result in visa rejection. 

Austrian applicants need to prepare the following documents:

  • A valid passport of Austrian Islands - Austrian applicants must ensure their passports are valid for at least 06 months and have at least 02 unused visa-stamping pages.
  • A biographical page - Alander citizens should prepare a copy of personal information.
  • Your color photo.
  • Valid contact information - Alander citizens need to provide their contact details such as email addresses to receive a copy of their visa. 
  • A hotel booking reservation is provided.
  • A return ticket. 

Ivory Coast visa requirements for Austrians

Ivory Coast visa requirements for Austrians

How To Apply For Ivory Coast Visa Online?

The electronic visa (e-visa) program makes the Ivory Coast visa application process easy. For a brief journey to the Ivory Coast, Austrian citizens may apply for a visa online instead of lining up at the embassy and filling out a variety of tedious documentation. The application procedure takes only a few minutes for travelers.

Applying for a visa online is conducted on a completely secure website. Austrian applicants only need to fill out a visa application form on our Ivory Coast Immigration Services' website. For the Ivory Coast e-Visa services, the processing time comprises four simple steps:

  • Step 1: Fill out the online Ivory Coast e-Visa request form. Please double-check your details because it may affect how fast your application is completed.
  • Step 2: Submit the visa cost online and submit the necessary documentation.
  • Step 3: Request your Ivory Coast e-Visa through email.
  • Step 4: Before traveling to the Ivory Coast, download and print at least two copies of your visa. As confirmation, you will be given a passport stamp. Please present it at the immigration checkpoint on arrival so that they can validate your eligibility with your current visa.

Processing Time Fee

Ivory Coast eVisas usually take three (03) business days to complete. As a result, visitors should submit their applications at least a week before their departure date.

Ivory Coast visa fees include a government fee and a visa service fee. The total cost of the Ivory Coast eVisa will vary based on the visa type you request. Throughout the procedure, applicants will have to select their visa processing time, you may be charged an additional service fee. Ivory Coast Immigration Services offers the following visa services to Austrian nationals:

  • Normal: The standard processing time for an Ivory Coast tourist visa is three business days. Most travelers select to utilize this service because of its low cost.
  • Urgent service: If your trip is rushed or urgent, you can acquire an eVisa after 48 hours of processing with this option.
  • Super-Urgent service: This service is perfect if you have minimal planning time. An Ivory Coast eVisa can be obtained after 24 processing hours for an additional cost.

Ivory Coast visa for Austrians

Ivory Coast visa for Austrians

Ivory Coast Visa Fee For Austrians

If you are planning a long trip, we strongly urge you to consider Travel Insurance in your itinerary. This insurance increases your chances of receiving a visa while also protecting your benefits in the event of unforeseen risks.

We hope this information has helped you better understand the Ivory Coast eVisa for Austrian visitors. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns so we can assist you as soon as possible.

For methods of payment, our service accepts the following:

  • American Express.
  • Bank of Cyprus ( for direct deposit).
  • Credit or debit cards.
  • Paypal.
  • Mastercard.