Ivory Coast eVisa For Azerbaijans: Requirements 2024

The Ivory Coast offers some of the most distinctive sandy beaches on the continent, including Grand Bassam, surrounded by hundreds of beautiful blue starfish and superb beachside resorts.

Yamoussoukro, or its capital Abidjan, is a must-visit destination for its modern architecture and towers and vibrant social scene. Ivory Coast is one of Africa's little-known countries that is opening up to tourists, showing its culture and the compassion of its Ivorian people.

To explore Ivory Coast's immense rich culture and tourist attractions, Azeris travelers must first get a valid e-visa and passport. In this article, we will demonstrate the Ivory Coast visa requirements for Azerbaijan citizens as well as how citizens of Azerbaijan can apply for an e-visa online at Ivory Coast Immigration Services.

Azeris Citizens need to have an Ivory Coast visa

Azeris Citizens need to have an Ivory Coast visa

Do Visitors From Azerbaijan Need Visas To Enter Ivory Coast?

Because Azerbaijan is not on the list of eligible nations for visa-free, an e-visa is Mandatory for Azeri passengers.

For tourist and commercial purposes, Azeri travelers are issued an Ivory Coast e-visa that is effective for three months from the date of travel. The government has provided Azeri citizens the opportunity to enter the country based on their requirements, depending on the motives for their trips:

  • Tourist e-visa: Used for tourism objectives, with multiple entries and stays of up to 90 days (03 months).
  • Business e-visa: Azerbaijan visitors can remain in Ivory Coast for 90 days (03 months) or enter the country multiple times to do business.

Ivory Coast Visa Requirements For Azerbaijan in 2024

Travelers from Azerbaijan need to meet the following Ivory Coast visa requirements for Azerbaijan citizens to receive the e-visa:

  • A valid passport with a 6-month validity period beginning on the day of arrival. There should be at least two (02) unused visa stamping pages.
  • Provide valid contact information: Applicants will receive their copy of the e-visa through an email address.
  • A valid copy of the passport biographical page.
  • A recently taken photograph of the applicant on white background.
  • Flight tickets and hotel booking may be required to process an e-visa.
  • A return flight ticket.

Ivory Coast visa requirements for Azerbaijan

Ivory Coast visa requirements for Azerbaijan

Applying For Ivory Coast Visa Online Within 15 Minutes

Travelers from Azerbaijan have the option of applying for an e-visa in one of two ways. However, because of its ease, we urge that you use the online application option. Applying at the Embassy may be time-consuming and inconvenient; therefore, utilizing an online application system is the most straightforward approach to applying for an e-visa for a trip.

Ivory Coast Immigration Services provides the most straightforward procedure for Azerbaijan visitors to access and apply for a visa online. Travelers can seek an e-visa authorization in as little as 20 minutes by following our three simple steps:

  • Step 1: Fill out the appropriate personal info and passport numbers. Any mistake made may result in your visa denial.
  • Step 2: Pay the e-visa fee, which is required for the e-visa to be processed. Following payment, we will need further papers about your vacation arrangements.
  • Step 3: After a few days, you will receive an e-visa at your email address. It must be printed since e-visa documents are required for entry into Ivory Coast.

Rush Visa Service

The processing time for an e-visa is generally three (03) business days; however, if Azeri applicants use the Rush Visa service, the processing time can be reduced to 48 or 24 hours.

  • Standard processing: The e-visa will be delivered within three (03) business days.
  • Rush processing: The e-visa will be sent within two business days (48 hours).
  • Super-Rush processing: The e-visa will be sent within 24 business hours.

Ivory Coast visa for Azeris

Ivory Coast visa for Azeris

Ivory Coast Visa Fee For Azeri Citizens

Azeri visitors must pay two fees to process their e-visa: the Government fee and the Service fee. The government fee must be paid to the Ivory Coast government for your e-visa request to be reviewed. At the same time, the service charge is submitted to Ivory Coast Immigration Services in exchange for a consultant and other services.

Travelers from Azerbaijan can pay for the e-visa fee using any digital or wire transfer method they prefer. The visa fee can be paid with the following:

  • Debit or credit card
  • American Express
  • PayPal
  • The Bank of Cyprus (for direct deposit).

Furthermore, Ivory Coast Immigration Services advises Azerbaijan visitors to obtain Travel Insurance to safeguard their benefits from unexpected mishaps and health concerns, such as COVID-19 treatment.