Ivory Coast Visa For Bangladeshi Citizens: 2024 Updates

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The Ivory Coast government has made significant efforts to enhance the tourist industry. A new visa system known as "eVisa" has been designed in particular to expedite the process of acquiring a visa for the Ivory Coast. Citizens of Bangladesh may now get a visa quickly and simply with this new visa. Continue reading to learn more about an Ivory Coast eVisa for Bangladeshi travelers!

Bangladeshi Citizens need an Ivory Coast visa

Bangladeshi Citizens need an Ivory Coast visa

About Ivory Coast eVisa For Bangladeshi Citizens

What Is The Ivory Coast eVisa?

The Ivory Coast government established the electronic visa to reduce and improve the visa application procedure. Citizens from certain countries, including Bangladesh, can use this visa to go to Ivory Coast and stay for a specified time. Bangladeshi travelers who receive an electronic visa for the Ivory Coast are permitted to visit the nation for travel, leisure, and sightseeing.

This multiple-entry visa allows its holders to enter the Ivory Coast several times without having to renew for one. An Ivory Coast eVisa is valid for up to 90 days (03 months) from the date of issue, with a maximum stay of 30 days per entry. Bangladeshi citizens should be informed of the expiration of their eVisa to prevent overstaying.

Do Bangladeshi Citizens Need Visas For the Ivory Coast?

Yes, Bangladeshi citizens need visas for Ivory Coast. Bangladesh is not on the Ivory Coast's visa waiver list; Bangladesh people must get a valid visa to visit this country.

Ivory Coast eVisa Requirements For Bangladesh - Do Not Ignore

Before commencing their visa application, Bangladeshi residents need to prepare the following documents:

  • 1 passport scan per individual (You may photograph the biographical page of your passport.) This passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the planned date of arrival in the Ivory Coast.
  • The passport should include at least two blank pages for visa stamps.
  • A photograph of the applicant (this photograph should show the applicant's complete face and formal attire).
  • A return flight ticket to demonstrate that you have travel plans to return to your home country.
  • Verify hotel reservation if available.
  • An email address where you can receive visa-related notifications.

Travel insurance that covers COVID-19 treatment costs is strongly advised. We cannot predict what will happen when we visit overseas. As a result, purchasing Travel Insurance protects our benefits in the event of danger. This insurance is beneficial to the government in processing the visa.

Ivory Coast evisa requirements for Bangladeshi citizens

Ivory Coast evisa requirements for Bangladeshi citizens

How To Apply For Ivory Coast Visa Online

The Ivory Coast visa application process is simplified by the online system. Travelers just need to spend a few minutes filling out the application.

  • Step 1: Fill out the Ivory Coast e-Visa application form online, including visa details and personal information. To guarantee that your visa application is handled promptly, you should include precise information.
  • Step 2: Pay the visa costs and email us the necessary documentation.
  • Step 3: Request your Ivory Coast e-Visa through email.
  • Step 4: Before flying to the Ivory Coast, download and print at least two copies of your eVisa.

The Immigration Officer at the Airport will stamp your passport as proof of your arrival. Please remember to carry your travel document with you to Ivory Coast. Dual nationalities should travel using the same passport they used to apply for their eVisa.

Processing Time Services

Ivory Coast eVisas normally take three working days to complete. As a result, visitors should submit their applications at least seven days before their departure date.

The visa service determines the service charge. Ivory Coast Immigration Services delivers the following visa services to Bangladeshi nationals:

  • Standard: An Ivory Coast tourist visa normally takes three business days to complete. Most travelers opt to utilize this service because of its low cost.
  • Urgent: With this option, you can acquire an eVisa within 48 hours of submission.
  • Super-Urgent: This service is appropriate if you have little time to prepare. An Ivory Coast eVisa can be obtained after 24 processing hours for an additional cost.

Ivory Coast evisa for Bangladeshi citizens

Ivory Coast evisa for Bangladeshi citizens

Ivory Coast eVisa Fee For Bangladeshi Citizens

There are two types of visa costs on the Ivory Coast: Government fees and Service fees. The Government fee is paid to the Ivory Coast Government for them to handle visa applications. Regardless of the outcome of your application, this cost is non-refundable.

Applicants can select between two payment methods: 

  • Electronic payment (Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express) 
  • Wire transfer to the Bank of Cyprus.

We hope that this information has helped you better understand the Ivory Coast eVisa for Bangladeshi citizens. If you have any queries about an Ivory Coast eVisa, please do not hesitate to contact us.