Ivory Coast Visa Requirements For Luxembourg Citizens

Will you visit Ivory Coast if you are planning a trip to West Africa? Although not well-known for its tourism industry, this country has more to offer visitors than you may have realized. Beachgoers will find several beautiful seaside destinations on the Ivory Coast. Beautiful beaches with golden sand, sun, and palm trees attract both domestic and international visitors. Ivory Coast should be visited at least once by cultural tourists to see the remarkable historical sites, some of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The government of the Ivory Coast has made significant efforts to promote the tourism industry. A new visa system known as "eVisa" has been established specifically to speed up the process of obtaining an Ivory Coast visa. With this new visa, Luxembourg citizens can now obtain a visa quickly and easily. Now is the best time to visit this West African country. Continue reading to learn more about the Ivory Coast visa for Luxembourg citizens.

Ivory Coast eVisa - A solution for Luxembourg citizens

Ivory Coast eVisa - A solution for Luxembourg citizens

Is an Ivory Coast Visa Required For Luxembourg Citizens?

To travel to Ivory Coast, Luxembourg citizens must apply for a visa. This procedure is required because Luxembourg citizens cannot travel to Ivory Coast without a visa. Instead of going directly to the consulate, Luxembourg citizens can easily apply for a visa at home using the electronic visa model (also known as e-visa).

Ivory Coast eVisa Types

Before proceeding to the requirements for applying for a visa, Luxembourg citizens should be aware of the number of types of e-visas currently issued by the Ivory Coast government. Luxembourg nationals can apply for one of two types of e-visas:

  • eVisa for Tourists: Luxembourg citizens should obtain this visa for tourism purposes. The tourist visa is valid for 3 months from the issued date and allows for multiple entries with 30 days to stay.
  • eVisa for Business: Luxembourg citizens should obtain this visa for business purposes. The business visa is valid for 3 months from the issued date and allows for multiple entries with 30 days to stay.

Ivory Coast eVisa Requirements for Luxembourg citizens

Luxembourg citizens do not require any travel paperwork. One of the visa online system goals is to make the online registration process as simple and easy as possible. Carefully check Ivory Coast eVisa requirements for Luxembourg citizens below:

  • A Luxembourg passport - Luxembourg citizens must have a passport that is valid for at least six months. We strongly advise you to renew your visa before applying for another visa if your passport is less than six months old. A separate blank visa page is also required.
  • A biographical page - Please ensure that all copies of relevant documents required by immigration services have been provided before submission.
  • Contact information/email address - Include correct personal information as well as an email address. You will receive an email containing a copy of your visa.
  • Hotel booking confirmation.
  • Return flight ticket

Luxembourg citizens should check Ivory Coast eVisa requirements

Luxembourg citizens should check Ivory Coast eVisa requirements

How to apply for a visa for Ivory Coast from Luxembourg?

Ivory Coast Immigration Services makes applying for a visa in Ivory Coast for Luxembourg applicants simple and quick:

  • Step 1: Complete the online Ivory Coast eVisa application form, including visa and personal information. You should enter accurate information to ensure that your visa application is processed on time.
  • Step 2: Pay the visa fees and submit the required documentation.
  • Step 3: Request your Ivory Coast e-Visa by email.
  • Step 4: Download and print at least two copies of your eVisa before traveling to the Ivory Coast.

As confirmation of your arrival, the Immigration Officer at Abidjan Airport will stamp your passport. Please bring your valid passport with you to Ivory Coast. Dual nationals should use the same passport that they used to apply for their eVisa. Moreover, the applicants can check Ivory Coast eVisa requirements for citizens coming from other countries on our website.

What is the cost of an Ivory Coast eVisa from Luxembourg?

On the Ivory Coast, there are two types of visa fees: government fees and service fees. The Government fee is the amount paid to the Government to process visa applications. This fee is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of your application.

The service fee is determined by the visa service. Ivory Coast Immigration Services provides Luxembourg nationals with the following visa services:

  • Normal: An Ivory Coast tourist visa normally takes three business days to process. Most travelers choose to use this service because of its low cost.
  • Urgent: With this option, you can obtain an eVisa within 48 business hours of submission.
  • Super-Urgent: This service is ideal if you have little time to prepare. An Ivory Coast eVisa can be obtained after 24 processing hours for an additional fee.

Applicants can choose between two payment methods: electronic payment (Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express) or wire transfer to the Bank account.

Ivory Coast eVisa fees for Luxembourg citizens

Ivory Coast eVisa fees for Luxembourg citizens

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Finally, we hope that our information is useful to you and that you have a memorable trip to Ivory Coast. Visa on arrival for Ivory Coast is an excellent option for travelers from all over the world. It saves you time and effort. The Ivory Coast Immigration Services always assists applicants throughout the application process. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the Ivory Coast eVisa for Luxembourg citizens.