Check Ivory Coast Visa Requirements For US Citizens

Korhogo, the maverick, has a long tradition of political turbulence and challenge to the current system. In the early 2000s, the current series of coups d'etats took place here, with rebel groups declaring their opposition to the government.

Nowadays, things are a little peaceful - or, at least, as calm as it is possible to be in constantly revolutionary Korhogo! Aside from its rebellious tendencies, the city is a very interesting site, packed with fairs stocked with cotton and nuts and spices, the beautiful Woodcarver's District calling with carved items, and the Village des Tisserands, home to dyed textile producers and more!

After years of seclusion, the Ivory Coast is slowly opening up to visitors, US citizens will be touring distant communities that have remained unspoiled by the western world, where spirit gods and ancient customs reign supreme. And in this article, we will provide details of Ivory Coast visa requirements and how to apply for a visa online at Ivory Coast Immigration Services.

Ivory Coast e-Visa For US Citizens

Ivory Coast e-Visa For US Citizens

Do US citizens need to have an Ivory Coast visa?

American citizens are not on the list of excluded nations for visa-free to Ivory Coast, hence an e-visa is REQUIRED for all US travelers. At the moment, the Ivory Coast Ministry provides two (02) types of electronic visas for US travelers. Please see below in this section:

  • Tourist e-visa: is applied for tourist activities and allows repeated entry for stays of up to 30 days (1 month).
  • Business e-visa: US visitors are permitted to stay in Ivory Coast for 30 days (1 month) on each visit to do business.

Both of these visas are valid for 3 months from an issued date with multiple entries

Ivory Coast Visa Requirements For US Citizens

Ivory Coast travel restrictions for US citizens are comparable to those of many other countries. To apply for an e-Visa, you must meet the prerequisites below:

  • A valid passport with a 6-month validity period beginning on the day of arrival.
  • It's recommended that your passport should have at least 02 blank pages for visa stamping.
  • A detailed copy of the passport biographical information page.
  • A recent photograph of the applicant, passport-sized and on a white background.
  • Confirm flight tickets and hotel booking if applicable.

Ivory Coast visa requirements for US citizens

Ivory Coast visa requirements for US citizens

How To Apply For Ivory Coast Visa Online From The USA

American citizens can obtain an Ivory Coast electronic visa (e-visa) online at our service via Ivory Coast Immigration Services in three easy steps:

  • Step 1: US applicants must first access the online visa form by navigating to the Ivory Coast Immigration Services website.
  • Step 2: Choose an appropriate visa for your travel to Ivory Coast and fill out the form with your personal information.
    • Your information must match that on your passport.
    • Select processing time service before submitting the final payment.
  • Step 3: Once you have completed all of the information, you simply need to submit the visa payment.

The application checking and visa approval procedure will take around three (03) working days. If an event occurs during the inspection process, such as lacking or misleading info, the processing time may be prolonged.

  • Standard processing: The e-visa will arrive in 3 business days.
  • Urgent processing: The e-visa will arrive within 2 business days.
  • Super-Urgent processing: The e-visa will arrive in less than 24 business hours.

Ivory Coast e-visa for US citizens

Ivory Coast e-visa for US citizens

Ivory Coast e-Visa Fee For US Citizens

Before the application can be processed, American citizens must pay the Service Fee and the Government Fee.

Before coming to Ivory Coast, we recommend that American visitors acquire Travel insurance. Travel insurance mainly secures the benefits of your trip and any medical expenditures incurred while on the road.

Is COVID-related illness covered by travel insurance?

Yes, many travel insurance policies cover the cost of treatment. Some businesses, however, are providing exclusions for current coverage. When selecting your coverage, you should consult with your insurance company about this policy.

Ivory Coast e-visa service fees can be paid through the following 2 methods:

  • Online portals: Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, and American Express.
  • Direct deposit: The Bank of Cyprus