Ivory Coast eVisa for Wallis And Futuna Islands Citizens

1. Check Requirement

Wallis and Futuna Islands are not on the exempt country list for an Ivory Coast visa (Côte d'Ivoire visa), so an Ivory Coast visa is REQUIRED.

One type of Ivory Coast e-visa allows you to enter the country multiple times. You can travel to Ivory Coast for such purposes as traveling, business, and visiting your relatives and friends in 3 months.

2. How To Apply for Ivory Coast Online Visa For Wallis and Futuna Islands Citizens

Now the Ivory Coast Government allows travelers to easily apply for the electronic visa, also e-visa. It is the most common and fastest way to get entry permission legally.

Besides that, you also can apply for the Ivory Coast eVisa at the nearest Ivory Coast embassy.

Right now you can apply for it online at our website with some simple steps and get expert support.

3. Ivory Coast visa Fee For Wallis and Futuna Islands Citizens

To apply for a visa online, you have to pay two (02) kinds of Visa fees, which are called Service Fees and Government Fee.