Ivory Coast Embassy in Cyprus

The Consulate of Ivory Coast in Cyprus is located in Nicosia, the capital city. This embassy represents the interests of the Ivory Coast in Cyprus and provides various consular services to Ivorian citizens and other nationals. The embassy handles diplomatic relations between the two countries, promotes Ivorian culture and interests, and facilitates bilateral cooperation in various sectors such as trade, education, and tourism.

Follow this article to understand more about the embassy of Ivory Coast including contact information, services, and some notes.

Is there any Ivory Coast embassy or consulate in Cyprus?

Yes, Ivory Coast has a consulate in Cyprus. The Consulate of the Ivory Coast is located in Nicosia. Follow the information below and book an appointment before visiting.

Consulate of Cote d´Ivoire in Nicosia

  • Address: 2, Aristotelous Street - 2720 Akaki - Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Phone: +357-22-821172
  • Fax: +357-22-824233

Services Provided by the Ivory Coast Consulate in Cyprus

The Ivory Coast Consulate in Cyprus provides a range of consular services to Ivorian citizens and others requiring assistance. Here are some of the key services typically offered by Ivorian consulates:

  • Visa Services: Processing various types of visas including tourist, business, and student visas. This involves accepting applications, verifying documents, conducting visa interviews, and issuing visas.
  • Passport Services: Assisting Ivorian citizens with passport-related issues such as renewals, replacements for lost or stolen passports, and issuance of temporary passports.
  • Document Attestation: Providing attestation services for documents required for legal or official purposes, such as educational certificates, birth certificates, and marriage certificates.
  • Consular Assistance: Offering assistance to Ivorian nationals in distress, including legal and judicial support, aid in cases of arrest, and help with locating medical and emergency services.
  • Civil Registration: Handling the registration of births, deaths, and marriages for Ivorian citizens abroad.
  • Notary Services: Providing notary services for various legal documents.

For more specific information or to confirm the availability of these services, it is advisable to contact the consulate directly. This ensures that you get accurate and up-to-date information tailored to your needs​ 

Applying for an Ivory Coast Visa from Cyprus Without Visiting the Embassy

Yes, you can apply for an Ivory Coast visa from Cyprus without visiting the embassy. Cypriot travelers can utilize the Ivory Coast eVisa, an online application process that simplifies and expedites the visa application.

The eVisa allows a 30-day stay and permits multiple entries for tourism and business purposes. It is recommended that Cypriot applicants review the specific eVisa requirements for their country to ensure they have all the necessary documentation and meet the criteria before starting the application process.

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