Ivory Coast Embassy in Zambia

The Ivory Coast has a network of embassies across Africa, fostering diplomatic relations and providing consular services to Ivorian citizens on the continent. These embassies serve as essential hubs for promoting Ivory Coast's interests, handling visa applications, offering assistance to Ivorian nationals abroad, and facilitating bilateral relations with host countries.

Each embassy in Africa plays a crucial role in maintaining ties between Ivory Coast and its African counterparts, contributing to cultural exchanges, trade partnerships, and diplomatic cooperation. These diplomatic missions often engage in various initiatives, events, and collaborations to strengthen the bonds between Ivory Coast and African nations, promoting mutual understanding and cooperation across the region.

Is there any Ivory Coast Embassy in Zambia?

There are no Ivory Coast diplomatic offices in Lusaka, Zambia. Below are details regarding the closest Ivory Coast embassy and consulate locations to Lusaka.

So we recommend visiting the neighboring countries of Zambia such as Congo (Democratic Republic). Take into consideration the contact information below:

Ivory Coast (Côte d Ivoire) Mission accredited to

  • Address: 68 ave de la Justice  Commune de la Gombe B.P. 9197 Kinshasa Congo (Democratic Republic)
  • Phone: +243-812-900-354
  • Email: [email protected]

You can check the embassy of Ivory Coast anywhere in the world as long as at your convenience. By the way, do not forget to book an appointment before visiting the embassy.

If there's no Ivorian embassy in my country, how can I get a visa?

No worries. The Ivory Coast eVisa offers a convenient solution, allowing applicants to obtain an Ivory Coast eVisa within three business days through a straightforward process.

It's important to note that the Ivory Coast eVisa is designed for a 30-day visit for business and tourism purposes. We highly advise Zambian passport holders to thoroughly review the Ivory Coast visa requirements before starting the application to avoid unexpected delays.

If the Ivory Coast eVisa requirements don't match your travel plans, obtaining a traditional visa at the embassy might be an alternative option.

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