Ivory Coast Embassy in Finland

Finland is not among the countries exempt from Ivory Coast visa requirements, so Finnish citizens need a visa to enter Ivory Coast. Several visa options allow Finnish citizens to apply directly at an embassy or seek help from travel agencies. This article provides essential information on visa-related queries and details about the Ivory Coast Embassy.

Is there an Ivory Coast embassy in Finland?

Currently, there are no Ivorian embassies or consulates in Finland. The nearest diplomatic offices of Côte d'Ivoire are listed below.

Can I apply for an Ivory Coast visa from Finland without visiting the embassy?

Yes, applying for an Ivory Coast visa from Finland is possible without visiting the embassy in person. Many embassies, including the Ivory Coast Embassy, offer online visa application services or partner with visa application centers. Here are the steps:

Online Application:

  • Visit the official website of the Ivory Coast Immigration Services.
  • Complete the online visa application form with the required personal and travel information.
  • Upload the necessary documents for Finnish citizens, such as a passport copy, passport-sized photos, a travel itinerary, and proof of accommodation.
  • Pay the visa application fee online using a credit or debit card.

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