Ivory Coast Embassy in Uganda

Uganda is not among the countries exempt from Ivory Coast visa requirements, thus necessitating an Ivory Coast visa. Several visa options exist for Ugandans, allowing applicants to apply directly at the embassy or seek visa assistance from travel agencies. If you're seeking information about the Ivory Coast Embassy in Uganda for visa inquiries or any concerns, this article holds essential details that shouldn't be overlooked.

Is there any Ivory Coast embassy in Uganda?

At present, Côte d'Ivoire doesn't have any diplomatic offices in Kampala, Uganda. Below, you'll find details about the nearest Côte d'Ivoire embassy and consulate locations relative to Kampala.

Nearest Ivorian embassy locations

  • Nearest location: Côte d'Ivoire Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Phone number: +251-1-711213 and +251 116 51 26 59
  • Distance: 1188.84km (738.71mi)
  • Travel time: 2 hours 28 minutes (estimated)

Moreover, Ugandans can check the embassy’s location on the Ivory Coast anywhere they want through our website.

Is it possible to obtain an Ivory Coast visa from Uganda without going to the embassy?

Certainly, those intending to visit the Ivory Coast can conveniently apply for an Ivory Coast eVisa (online visa), streamlining the application procedure.

Remember, this eVisa is designed for a 30-day stay with multiple entries, serving both tourism and business purposes. It's advisable for Ugandans to review the Ivory Coast eVisa requirements in advance for seamless preparation before starting the application.

Some useful information for your Ivory Coast visa application?

Explore the information page to gain deeper insights into Ivory Coast eVisa details, travel tips for Ivory Coast, and entry visa procedures:

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